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For much of the past year, we've been tuning, shooting and breaking nocks with seven of the best hunting bows in the industry. With all of our individual review videos up and running, it's time for our 2019 Hunting Bow Shootout. Be sure to watch to the end to see which bow takes this year's title.

In the order I received them, here are the contenders:
Mathews Vertix
Obsession Lawless
Obsession FXL
Hoyt Helix Ultra
Prime Logic CT3
Bowtech Realm SR6
PSE Evoke 31

Instagram -

Products Used in this Video
Gold Tip AirStrike Arrows -
Black Gold Whitetail Sight -
Burris Oracle Sight -
Garmin Xero Sight -
Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro Arrow Rest -
QAD Integrate Arrow Rest -
QAD HDX Arrow Rest -
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