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2020 Ravin R 26

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FOR SALE: Ravin R is in perfect condition! I bought it in Late Spring and might have fired 40 arrows out of it.

Cocking Crank
Set of GAS Strings and Cables installed in Oct 20
Original Strings and Cables with maybe 25 shots on them
Set of Hawk Scope rings for 30 MM scopes
6 Brand New Ravin Arrows with Points
All paperwork to include Window Sticker

BOW DOES NOT COME WITH A SCOPE (I didn't like the Ravin Scope so I sold it cheap...If a guy wanted one they are for sale on here often for 75.00 to 100.00)

Will sell for 1325.00 shipped to your door.

I have Two R 26s or this one would never be leaving...These are the best Hunting Crossbows I've ever owned!)
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Hey guys. Thanks for the PMs and texts. Yes I am original owner I registered it after purchasing in late Spring from Bean Outdoors.
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