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*** 2021-22 THE Pennsylvania Thread ***

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I saw the trail cam pic perry24 posted of the buck with some decent antler growth so it seemed like a good time to start a new thread for 2021-22.

In a new segment this year, fullmoon will be hosting a weekly webinar where he talks tips, tricks, and even gives hints as to the general coordinates of his favorite honey holes. 😁
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Licenses go on sale June 14th. I really have no major changes for this season. I plan to move a stand and add another one, which will give me 4 total. It will be the 2nd season for my Reckoning.
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Perry (is your name Dave?) I like the Subalpine on that BT.

I’ll be shooting my Mach 1 again, love this bow. Hoping the one I hit last year is still alive and will spend some additional time in Tennessee this fall trying to get on a big one.
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Yes, my name is Dave. Subalpine is my new favorite camo.

The Mach 1 must be the real deal if you are holding onto to it. I might look for a used when this winter to try out.
His name is Dave . I’ll let him comment the rest. He is a string-building guru! Some of the best (of not the best)... I have used. Servings were immaculate.
You are too kind!
TAC looks like a blast, but I would need to get in shape before tackling those courses. Maybe next year...
Denton hill used to be fun for those of us not placing in 5K's.You rode the ski lift to the top and shot your way down hill.
That sounds perfect! Is Denton still open?
I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers sent up for your family.
So I logged into my account and can see I have an altered tag, spring and fall turkey tag, and a bear tag. I guess that is where you would see if an antlerless tag was awarded? Anyone know if there is a link I should be opening up?
I didn't see any link, but would think it would show under your list of licenses. Hopefully by tomorrow or Wednesday someone will be awarded one and can let us all know.

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Welcome back. And out of curiosity, how many hail Mary’s and our fathers did you actually have to say?

I'm Lutheran, so none of that! I just had to wait out my sentence. My requests were denied.
The only thing I saw under purchase history was Antlerless License Application. It says active, but no WMU information. I guess it wasn't awarded yet.
I have a stand to move and a new one to put up. Trail cam has gotten coyotes, bear, and a few does. I found 3 fawn kill sites so far. Not sure how this season is going to look for me.
Well if you stay out of the basement here you might be able to update us on how your season is progressing :)

(welcome back)
LOL! I l've been reading, but not posting down there. Trying to be a good boy.
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Well if you are hunting fawns it’s looking slim….
I need the aiming spots.

I am seeing less buck lately. Hopefully, that will change this fall.
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Yeah my doe tag wasn’t awarded yet. I am not worried about getting one in the first rd, but has me rethinking where I am going to send my 2nd tag. This County Treasurer has traditionally been on the ball on day one, but not this year. I’ll be switching up the 2nd mailing.
Did you send to Perry? That is where I sent mine and nothing yet.
The cicadas were non-existent at my place, but across the road from me they were bad. It's just bizarre. I haven't seen any gypsy moth caterpillars.

My view this evening. I hate the beach, but temps have been in the 80's, so tolerable.
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So I called one of the local treasurers offices this morning to ask a specific question about my application. I had mailed it a day earlier than usual due to a pending trip up north. I asked if early caused it to be placed into a dead letter box?
I received a response that they are very busy with applications, that every time they have to answer the phone for questions, 5 applications are delayed! Ok thanks, I then was held captive on the phone for a repeated lecture that included the statement that the PGC online reporting system is experiencing some technical difficulties. I apologize for delaying probably a hundred or so applications being awarded today

Mine got awarded today.
Currently pouring rain here in 4B. Yeah, the humidity has been crazy last few days...
Happy for my freshly planted clover/oats plot though

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Freaking rain will not let up around here! It rained all week while we were away and it is pouring as I type.
Lol… the joys of home ownership. I forgot to add our AC went out overnight Thursday. By the time I was able to leave work and have it torn apart it was up to 81 in the house! Thank god it was only the capacitor and not the compressor itself. That unit is 12 yrs old and on its last leg too….so add that to the list 🥲!
I'm in the same boat. Mine needed a recharge back in June, but likely has a leak. It is 15 years old.

I had a tree fall and take out my power line on 4th of July. Fortunately, PPL had it repaired and power back on within 3 hours.
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A string of winter greens brassicas went in next to the clover this morning, NY fall plots get done next Saturday weather permitting.

Got a txt from my taxidermist this morning and our 2020 deer mounts are done. Left is my NY archery, right is my wife's PA archery and the euro is my PA archery. The two Pa bucks were both shot at the top of that food plot pictured about 3 weeks apart.

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Great mount!
View attachment 7434532

We're working on getting over a fear of heights so we can hunt better locations.
My son was the same way. Fortunately, he got over it quickly. Having a bar in the front helped.
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What does it say if you got your tag?
This is what mine looks like. I hope this helps.

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