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*** 2021-22 THE Pennsylvania Thread ***

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I saw the trail cam pic perry24 posted of the buck with some decent antler growth so it seemed like a good time to start a new thread for 2021-22.

In a new segment this year, fullmoon will be hosting a weekly webinar where he talks tips, tricks, and even gives hints as to the general coordinates of his favorite honey holes. 😁
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New DMA zone in PA due to CWD positive test.

Those courses sound like a lot of fun… But from the descriptions of these targets, I feel I would need to have to come with at least a dozen arrows.
We pass the Denton Hill ski area on our way up to Potter. I have never seen it open in the six years we’ve been heading up there although it does not look to be in disrepair at all.

Found this: Denton Hill State Park Master Plan
The infrastructure is junk. Everything needs to be replaced.
like I was saying… Denton Hill is a dump. :LOL:
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Went shooting this morning at the R&G club and it was miserable. The range is in the woods so flies and bugs were constantly buzzing my dome, landing on my head, my arms, my legs, etc. Annoying enough to make me pack it in early but came to the conclusion I probably need to bump my DL down on this R35 by 1/2". I can't maintain a consistent anchor and my accuracy with it is not consistent enough for my standard.

Better to figure it out now and iron out the wrinkles.
Speechless right now. I'm so sorry Darrin.
Those of you with the cell cams, how are you liking them so far?

The pluses are obvious but any negatives?
Amazing how they move that quietly for their size.
First year in a while I haven't bought my license the first day they are available. Guess I'm getting soft. Our son graduates tomorrow night and I'm off the following day so I'll head to a store and buy it Wednesday. I can't bring myself to do the initial purchase on-line yet......too many delays I've seen in years past. But......I will remember to buy a muzzleloader tag. ;)
PGC doesn't want the inflation game to pass them by so they're jumping on board. 💲
GREAT AVATAR......congrats!!!!!
Thanks. It was a beautiful evening in so many ways. Weather was outstanding and watching our son and his friends smiling and looking so happy was a real gift.
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And they can’t get a license increase so gotta do it somehow. Best bargain of the year is a license, but it still makes folks complain.
I is definitely a bargain.
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Seems our neighbor decided to discard of a pile of Lucky Charms cereal as well as granola with raisins in their yard. Our yard is not fenced and Maisy roams both yards. This morning, Mary noticed Maisy was chowing on something and got down there to see the food pile. I did a quick search and saw raisins are toxic to dogs. We called the vet and they said to give her a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to get to vomit if we wanted to be safe. She never puked so the vet said bring her right in. They gave her something to get the job done and out came what the said was a big pile of raisins. Sounds like it could have gone bad if we ignored it or waited too long. She’s got to stay at the vet for 48 hour$ for fluids and them keeping an eye on her.

It’s totally our fault as her owner for not keeping an eye her. And it’s our neighbors yard….they can do what they want. Gonna be an expensive lesson for us.
We gave little if any people food to our dog. Maybe some pretzel sticks but if we’re going to give her anything, she likes carrots. Drives me nuts when people come over and ask if it’s ok to feed her food that will surely turn her digestive track into a pile of water.
Anyone have contact info for Perry24? PM me if you do. Went and got hisself banned :ROFLMAO:
Check your PMs.
I'm no professional but I like building arrows

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Building arrows is probably my favorite DIY archery related build.
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Back home as of last night and all is well.

Dog Carnivore Dog breed Wood Fawn
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Between the music, gentle splashing of water, and other soft nature sounds, I almost fell asleep. 😴

That buck about the two minute and 15 second mark looks to have some potential.
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