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*** 2021-22 THE Pennsylvania Thread ***

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I saw the trail cam pic perry24 posted of the buck with some decent antler growth so it seemed like a good time to start a new thread for 2021-22.

In a new segment this year, fullmoon will be hosting a weekly webinar where he talks tips, tricks, and even gives hints as to the general coordinates of his favorite honey holes. 😁
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Saturday I finally hiked in to some of the more remote camera locations on the very heavily posted lease. 2 cams had padlock hasps snapped off and memory cards stolen. 1 cam was removed from Python and left lying open on the ground without memory cards, ruined. 3 other cameras had been turned while thieves tried to remove them from the tree.

I am so disgusted with this. Respect is gone. Fear is gone. How 2 generations have drastically changed our society is astounding; our decline is like an avalanche.

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181 - 182 of 182 Posts