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2022 Blacktail

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My archery buck from last year. Had to slip the arrow under the tree
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It truly is amazing how different blacktail are in different regions and the habitat they thrive in… I do plan on looking into non res blacktail hunting in Cali, since I live on the border now.

I really wish they would open a spring bear season, it would be a truly awesome season

I also wish they would open lion hunting, I would travel to hunt them in Cali, even without dogs I think it would be fun hunting them, just because of how many there are and the habitat is much better for calling them than in western Oregon

there is no More intense hunting in this country than calling lions, when one materializes in front of you, it’s very surreal, and the battle is being within earshot of one, besides that, they are pretty easy to call, but even where there a lot of cats, getting heard by one is much easier said than done.
Cali does look like a fun place to hunt early season blacktail, and there are some very cool antler genetics on those bucks.

I still think it’s a shame to kill a blacktail in velvet and summer coats considering how beautiful they get later in the fall. I think the Cali blacktail seem so different to us because most of the pics we see are early season deer in their summer coats… they look a lot more like blacktail later, but we don’t see as many success pics of late blacktail in Cali, I assume due to season dates?
No they have a fall gun hunt in Oct .my buddies family has a 9k acre ranch east of sac... They kill monster bucks every year... They look like mulies ... Nothing like our valley deer.
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