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It would be so informative if you would include the following information on your kills:

1). Bow poundage. 2) Arrow weight. 3) Broadhead used. 4). Amount of penetration. 5). Distance of the shot. 6). Distance of the recovery.

This would provide real life data on your kills. Congratulations to all who were successful!
I geek out on this stuff too and would be really interested to hear from everybody. If the hunting Gods smile upon me and gift me my first recurve kill this year I will be sure to give the specs and the performance it gave me.

As of right now I will be doing most of my hunting with a 47# @27" Martin Hunter with a d97 string. Arrow is a .400 spine gold tip traditional with a 75 grain insert and a 125 grain magnus stinger 2 blade. Not sure what length they will be cut to yet because I haven't tuned them yet. I do know they show fairly weak at a full length of 32 inches. Total arrow weight will probably be a little under 500 grains and they will probably fly between 175 and 180 fps. That Martin Hunter really helps my short draw get back a little speed. I will be hunting elk, muleys, turkeys and black bear.

I will also be hunting with a really old Ben Pearson Bushmaster. 45# @27 inches and .600 spine gold tip trads, 50 grain insert, magnus 125 2 blade stinger and cut to 29.75 inches. They bare shaft nicely right here. Total arrow weight is 425 grains and probably fly about 165 to 170.

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My 21 year old daughter shot this buck at 5 yards tonight.

Wes Wallace Mentor that I gifted her.
66鈥 Osage orange
44# on her fingers @27鈥
1916 aluminum with 125g two blade stinger.

We built a ground blind next to a blue spruce my dad planted 40 years ago. Brushed it in about 3 foot tall and used tree bark to fill in the gaps.The background is a uprooted cherry tree on the south side of a hill with A ridge running east and west.

West wind 10-15mph

Double lung and nicked the heart. He ran 20 yards.

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I was invited to hunt with a great group of guys on some public land in Arkansas. I found a Nutall oak still dropping acorns and from the tracks and droppings I knew I was on a hot spot. First sit this big doe came in to 16 yards and I was fortunate to make a good shot. She only ran about 65 yards before piling up. I was shooting my Palmer Longbow 42#@26鈥 62鈥 amo
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