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I am selling all my DVD's becasue I do not watch them anymore.
I will not part them out because of shipping. If you want them then you will have to take all of them. I am pricing these to move so I will take $60 TYD for all 24 dvds

Heres is what I have

Severe Whitetail Disorders 3 (Ralph and Vicki)
Drury Spot On
Monster Bucks XIV vol.1
Monster Bucks XIV vol.2
Incomplete Deer hunter 3
McCrea Hunting Whitetails DVD
Road Trips best of season 1
Realtree All-Stars of Spring Turkey XIV
Mathews dvd 2006/2007
Realtree all stars of srping turkey XV
Primos Truth 2 Bowhunting
Drury Dream Seaon 9
Cutt'n & Struttin V
Primos Truth 8 Big Bulls
Mathews dvd 2009/2010
Getting close with lee and tiffany season 2
Monster Bucks XV Volume 2
Buckmasters Big bucks vol.6
drury dream season 10
Monster bucks XIII Vol.1
Primos truth 15 Big Bucks
Primos Truth 19 Spring Turkey hunting
Primos truth 13 Big bucks

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PM sent

tanks to read
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