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Really nice shape Hoyt Eclipse (not sure of year) I picked up because my wife thought it was pretty + she was interested in trying a bigger riser / short limbs combination. She went back to her Border now with medium limbs. I think she found it heavy at ~1225 grams, she is a very small lady and we both are not terribly strong anymore.

I shot it and really liked the way it felt, but I am moving to fixed geometry bows now, away from ILF. Taking into account that although I am a BIG guy, I am older and use pretty lightweight limbs of ~30# at my fingertips on 31.5" draw, barebow only.

My impression:
1. Very nice grip
2. I liked the feel of the riser's weight.
3. Really felt dead in hand when shooting, feels stiff.
4. The extra "wing" on riser is an AWESOME handle for picking up and moving this around... really nice to have, the string naturally wraps up on your arm and it just feels nicely balanced for carry when strung.

One small chip on handle in pics. one much smaller chip on limb pocket (probably invisible in pics). This almost looks new.

If you are looking for a "rig" for another $75 I will throw in some Samick "universal" 24# medium glass limbs, a decent bag, string, whatever else is in bag. I got the whole kit when I bought it for the riser. Have not shot limbs but they look fine to me eyeballing it. Were on bow when I bought and all was straight. Dont ask for photos.. at this price I dont want to spend time on it.
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