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I'm hoping to take my first step into the world of archery. I have a really large interest as well as determination to get into this sport, both as a hunter, and as a target archer. I hope to get my first bow with enough time to learn and practice archery before this hunting season is over. I truly am hopeful as to what I can accomplish if I put enough effort into this and have been looking constantly for a good bow for me and trying to learn everything I can about archery in general.

I am truly struggling though with my search. As the title states I am a 26.5 inch draw length but am having a hard time finding this in a bow. I've been looking for 26" and 27" draw lengths in which I can adjust up and down 1/2 inch to meet my Draw length, but am leaning towards the 27" draw length in case I may grow a bit more in the near future (I haven't grown in a while and I'm at the age I stop growing, but just in case). The most I can pull as of this date is 51.5 LBs of draw weight but I'm not particularly strong in my upper body, a reason why I partially want to start archery. I want to be able to hunt with at least 45-48 lbs with ease some time soon and in the near future. I also need it to be Right Handed....I've come so close to so many deals just to find out that it is left handed.

I have an extremely small budget and am trying to get a fully functioning bow. I do not want too old of a bow and would like to stay within the year range of 200_. I also need to get everything I can get with my small budget because I am just starting.

I need: (Needed)

The bow
A trigger
A peep sight
A quiver (tube or mounted)
Pin Sight (2 or more pins would be appreciated)
Arrows (at least 4 good arrows with practice/field tips)
A rest (Shoot-thru's are perfered though any type is welcomed)

I would also appreciate it if there:(optional)

A D-loop already installed
Front Stabilizer
Set of string silencers
Limbsavers or other silencing option

The most I can pay is $50 for a bare bow. I can pay an additional $10 for every needed item you can send with the bow and $5 for every optional thing that is also sent with the bow and $15 for a hard case or $5 for a soft case that can be sent with it.

I apologies for my small wallet but I can't afford anymore then this. Please let me know if you have something that you're willing to let go for these prices. These are with shipping to me.

Please reply to this thread and PM me with pictures and list of what is attached to the bow so there isn't any discrepancy on the final price.

I appreciate your time and help, and I hope that I can make a deal and start practicing as soon as possible.

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