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FIrst, we are getting nice rain all over the place right now, so the grass will be nice and green by this weekend, when we host some 70 archers for our state championship in,-97.329472&source=embed.
THe information link is here and has all the particulars. This marks the tenth year in a row that we have provided online registration for our events, and it is not too late for you to drop in - we are near capacity for the field, target stands, and bales, but if you are serious about having some great shooting time, sign up today (late fee is mild), and we'll insure you have a place on the line.
You can see our auto-generated listings of those planning to shoot at this link.

This is not a record number for our event, but we have folks coming from Arkansas, Louisiana, and even Odessa (that's a further drive than most anywhere else<G>).

We have photos from past events, a few thousand, posted on our photographs section as well.

Use the signup form online, and plan to show up by 7am on Saturday (practice commences as soon as we get'er all set up on Friday (HINT) by volunteers. Texans show up for the hard stuff reliably, so we'll have arrows flying with at least 4 or 6 hours of daylight left on Friday.
We have a number of paras - some are wounded warriors from Killeen, San Antone, etc. trying to qualify for the para national team, so if you are coming to support your own kids or family archers and are not shooting yourself, plan to consider volunteering to be an archer agent, to assist in scoring and arrow pulling. Get involved and you'll have more fun than you can possibly realize ahead of time.
Popup tents are a good idea, for shade, and we'll be providing plenty of water and other good thangs.
Y'all come!
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