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2nd bow buck

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Ohio opening day.

Figured I should post it here as well:wink:

Got this fella opening evening at 7:00, came out early and finally gave me a shot at 40 yards. Hate to see the season to end so soon, but with all of the pictures I had of him, I am happy to have him. :darkbeer:

Here is how it went. I got in the stand at around 4:00pm Saturday evening not expecting to see much because of how warm it was. Deer seemed to start moving around 5:30 and saw my first buck of the evening at 6:00, a 130 class 8. then some does started comming out shortly after. He came out around 6:20pm about 70 yards from me and started feeding. I had 3 other bucks and about 8 does around me when he showed up. After being there for about a half hour he was sparring with the other bucks and seemed to walk around to every doe as to let them know of his presence. He fed at between 55 and 70 yards untill about 7:00 and then closed the distance to 43 yards stopped slightly quartered away and looked the other way. So I drew my bow and relased the arrow. Double lunged him with my Rage 3 blade. He went about 80 yards and crashed.

Scores: 148 5/8 gross and 143 4/8 net

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Deer hunting Deer White-tailed deer Wildlife Wildlife biologist

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Dude,you are hunting some nice bucks.They both are very nice.
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