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2nd Nice Deer on 4th sit, Season is off to great start!!

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After shooting my 8 pointer on opening day 9/15 and shooting this beautiful Doe last night I couldn't be happier.

119 lbs dressed - 6 yd shot

She came straight in until she was 4 yds from the base of my tree. Then she turned and started slowly walking to my right looking for acorns. She stopped at 5 yds I drew, she took one more step and stopped..... after the hellrazor blew through her off shoulder she ran 30 yds, stopped, looked around, then bolted and crashed down 30 yds later.


2007 Elite Synergy
60# 27.5 DL
Maxima hunter 250 - NAP Hellrazor 100 gr

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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