3 recurves from top bowyers in Italy

from left
1. Vicini D.Wild Archery: "Thor", 62" 45#. His patented Sinusoid limbs, extraordinary limbs, very smooth yet powerful. I rank these higher than any Hex or Max. Not the same Let-off and not a supercurve but a very fluid draw force curve that flattens out in the end. 750 TYD
2- Danilo Rosini "Rapace". 62" 45# Found this model in an extensive list of speed measurements on a french forum, Arctradionly, where it placed in top, beating most other american/european brands per pound. Nice "woody" riser with smart pretty attachment of bolts from back instead of front. Set back grip and also very smooth. Bamboo limbs. 750 TYD
3. Alpsbow by Celestino Poletti, Moon Mountain Special LV ALU, 62" 45#. ALU means he has alumium instead of carbon in limbs which, in adding some very nice visual appearance, more stiffness to limbs and a smooth draw. Perfect grip. 770 TYD