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Hi Everyone,

This being my first post and all I'll give a little detail about myself. My name is Nick. Been slingin' arrows since I was about 12. Got into 3D tournys about 8 yrs ago, shot almost every weekend in for April to October. Kids came along and time for tournys seemed to disappear. Funny how that happens. :D
Kids are older and wanting to shoot so I figured I get back into it. I shoot a 09' Bowtech Admrial, 60#, 29" draw. HHA single pin adjustable sight. Gold Tip XT Hunter arrows, 100gr points. I have been looking around and would like to get some of the larger Dia. compitition arrows. (Gold Tip X cutter, Easton Fatboys, Etc.) Just seeing what everyone else is shooting. I know the arrows I have will work, just looking for that little edge, AKA thicker arrows to break more lines. I have missed a perfect score,(300) by less than 1" total I don't know how many times. I am leaning towards the X cutters, or maybe the new 3D shafts by Gold Tip. However, I am not against going with another Brand.

Thanks for the input, looking forward to a good time on the sight.

Nick Bradley
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