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3D suit - Advantage Max1-HD Camo

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Looking to pick up a 3d suit this year. I hunt in the SE, primarily FL and SC, in a wide variety of enviros (pines, hardwoods, palmettos, prairies, marsh). Currently use a mix of old Military BDUs and picked up a natural gear jacket last year.

I know everyone raves about ASAT, but without a dealer anywhere near to take a gander (i dont like buying things I havent put my hands on yet), I have looked for other options.

This one from BPS is only $80 and the pattern seems like it would be effective. Any real world opinions?

RedHead 3D Evolution Advantage Max1-HD
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Thanks Sonora.

Anyone else.
they sell Max1-hd stuff but the suit in question is a redhead product, BPS exclusive I suppose...
jeff nicholls said:
If The Asat Web Site Was 100% Complete It Would Show A Dealers List, Should Be One In Florida. But You Can Always Order One And If You Get It And Dont Like It They Will Take It Back No Questions Asked. You Wont Send It Back They Havent Gotten One Back In The Two And A Half Years The New Owners Have Owned It And Made The Promise To Buy One Use It For Year And If You Dont Get Closer And See More Game They Will Take It Back. Like The Web Site Says Try It You Have Nothing To Loose.
Well, after reading the numerous testimonials here and elsewhere, I bit the bullet and just ordered the ASAT 3D
healthdoc said:
where did you order the AST suit from I'm on the fence about which one to get for upcomming elk hunt
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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