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3D suit - Advantage Max1-HD Camo

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Looking to pick up a 3d suit this year. I hunt in the SE, primarily FL and SC, in a wide variety of enviros (pines, hardwoods, palmettos, prairies, marsh). Currently use a mix of old Military BDUs and picked up a natural gear jacket last year.

I know everyone raves about ASAT, but without a dealer anywhere near to take a gander (i dont like buying things I havent put my hands on yet), I have looked for other options.

This one from BPS is only $80 and the pattern seems like it would be effective. Any real world opinions?

RedHead 3D Evolution Advantage Max1-HD
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Good choice

I've hunted a lot in middle and east Georgia in lots of pines, clearcuts, etc. and the standard (2-D) ASAT has worked very well for me. I think the 3-D suit will be awesome in Florida and S.C.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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