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3rd deer of '08 down! pie-bald - pic's included

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Since the first week of hunting this year we have been hunting a field that is about 250 yards wide and 300 yards long, we have always seen the pie-bald out in the field but it comes out and stays out on the opposite side, last night we got into the field and the deer was already out there so we got into the blind and waited.

We got there at 4:00 and at 4:30 we were watching deer, at 5:30 we looked down to where we had seen them come out and there she was feeding in the grass! We watched her with the binoculars at about 100 yards and then he started to feed towards us and then dissapeared into the bushes to our left at about 50 yards. We knew he would be coming out in fron of us so we both got our black face masks on and positioned ourselves, 5 minutes later she was coming up the trail and my boyfriend stopped her at 10 yards perfect broadside, I was already at full draw and let her have it!

We watched her run across the field and into the woods, the hit looked perfect at about 3 inches behind the shoulder and half way up. We only found a small amount of blood and then no more. We came back in the morning and did a pattern search about 400 square yards and still nothing.

Where the deer come out is about 80 yards from the ocean, so we decided the check the beach before we totally gave up, and there she was! we scared off 2 turkey buzzards and some crows off of her, they ate out the left eye and started in on the butt and a little hole in the armpit. As you can see in the pic, she was on the beach and must have been floating at night and washed up on shore, the hit looked good but I only got liver.

I just called the Taxidermist and we are getting a rug made out of her! that is why I wanted to get her. Anyways, here are the pics.


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Congrats , Again
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