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4 blazers

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Anyone have 4 blazers on their arrows? Thinking about trying it and wondering how good they're working.
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P.L. Archery said:
I've got 4 mini Blazers on some of my arrows(as an experiment) and they fly right with they same arrow with 3 2" Blazers out to 40 yards, then they actually start hitting a little higher. Three 2" Blazers=16 grains(they're a little heavier than advertised), four 1.5" Mini Blazers=12 grains.

They will work just fine with FBBH's like Slick Tricks or Stingers.

Thanks so much for posting that. I goofed on an order last year and have a pack of 100 mini Blazers by mistake. I've been wondering about how they'd work in a four fletch on broadheads.

I also have tight vane clearance on my Old Glory...this may be the ticket on this bow.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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