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I have a 4" Sims LimbSaver® S-Coil™ Stabilizer, it's in great shape, and only hunted with for 2 seasons. See pics and details below...

• Demolishes vibration and sound at a great price
• Uses Sims’ Navcom material
• Design increases the surface area of the Sims material
• Improves accuracy

Proven LimbSaver shot-deadening performance for an incredibly low price. The new S-Coil demolishes vibration and sound using Sims’ Navcom® material, and does it for a fraction of the cost of most stabilizers. Its ridged design dramatically increases the surface area of the energy-absorbing material and creates nodes that cancel shock independently. This means you get big-time recoil and noise reduction from a short, lightweight package. Durable integrated camo.

Length: 4"
Weight: approx 4 oz.

$20 TYD


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