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4" Target Fletching

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I've got some aluminum 2712's I'm going to turn into target arrows. I've decided on some 60gr PDP glue in points with 25gr added to them. I would like get some 4" low profile fletching for them, but don't have the opportunity to see them at any of my local stores.

What 4" fletching do you all recommend?

While I'm asking what nocks do like with the unibushings?
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Well, I have shot 2512's. If you are going to use them for indoors at individual targets they are fine. However, they may be too stiff with that point wait and very squirrelly. Low profile fletchings won't help much either in correcting from a bad release. If you are thinking of group shooting them and achieve any decent groups you will ding the heck out of them. The unibushing will fit any nock which has a super nock end. I like good old super nocks myself.
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