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In the earlier threads for the 4th axis I suggested a test that was pretty close to brain surgery. Since then and after a lot of input, the test is this easy.

1. Set your windage at 20 yards on the level with your 3rd axis set off the bow (no torque induced) and a straight up bubble.

2. Then shoot a group on a steep downhill target over 30 yards. The steeper and the longer the better. If your group is not dead center line, your 4th axis is off. That is when you can shim, bend, or buy a 4th Axis to fix the problem. Adjust the the whole sight unit in the direction of the center and away from the left or right group.

Once the Tek-Tech 4th Axis is set you WILL NOT have any properly shot arrows out of dead center line. :thumbs_up

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