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HHA products SUCK
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2010 Strother Vanquish
My setup for testing:
Camo Riser with 65# Black Limbs
27.5inch draw
3/16 Meta Peep
Limbdriver Pro
Sword Centurion
Sims S-Coil and Posten FatMax Stabilizer
Carbon Express Aramid 250’s

3 days and over 500 shots in.
Review: (un-rushed)
My thoughts and opinions, take them for what they are. MINE.

The Finish.
I love this camo pattern. It is really starting to grow on me and I never was a Predator fan on bows. This camo riser and black limbs really looks good and I’m sure it will be super functional. The camo riser also has a “soft feel” DuraSoft type finish. It is very nice and seems more durable than the last experience I had with this type of finish on a bow.

The Riser.
The bow has great machine work, and the lines you expect from its designer. Enough Said.

The Cams.
Each cam is gorgeous, with no burs or flaws. Perfect. The “S” logos in the cam…very nice touch. Nothing on this bow looks raw or unfinished.

The Grip.
The angle of the grip is very nice. Smooth and angled properly for me to form a repeatable and accurate grip. My hand does not slide up the riser. It is nearly the perfect width and actually works for me. The side plates are also very nice, good contour and not thick or intrusive. Plus, they look really good!

The Shelf.
Wide and with the 7/8 center shot the Limbdriver blade falls flat and does not hit the outer edge.

The Limbs.
Great clarity of the logo and the finish is excellent. No soft feel coating on the black limbs and after pressing 3-4 times on my end…NO MARKS.

The Limb Pockets.

Great finish, no noise, creak or anything. Look great.

The Strings.
Nice looking servings and color combination. After 500 shots or so I have no wear to speak of nor any issues. No stretch or rotation since I received the bow. The No Gloves seem to be very effective and do not bother me in the least. Color is very good match to the strings.


The bow left shooting a 325grain arrow 306.6fps with peep and loop. Very nice for my short draw. I do not have a working chrono now but I will soon check speeds when I get a chance.

I did notice a slight kick from the bottom with just a Limbdriver attached. Added a sight and even a Sim S-Coil and I did not notice any kick. With or with out any stabilizer this is a very vibration free bow. A slight hint is there bare; add any sight and it starts to dissipate. Add a stabilizer and, well…it’s gone! I tried the Sims, Posten FatMax 10 inch, 7 inch (BE7) Doinker Carbon Elite, and a 12 inch 11-14oz B-Stinger. The Doinker maybe feels the best to me and another shooter, but there is little and I would say no vibration apparent in the bow. It feels as good as a center pivot bow.

WOW. VERY VERY Quiet. This is the most silent bow I’ve tested. It is again on the level of the center pivot bows. I hear my arrow, seriously. I never really had much of an understanding how different weight arrows really effected the sound. THAT’S HOW QUIET THIS BOW IS.

As hard as they come. NOTHNG to wish for or complain about.

The valley is hunt-able. That’s what I care about. It is not the longest I’ve had (NBA Genetix), or the shortest (PSE Omen) but right in the middle. I feel it is longer than my Alphamax 32’s and 35’s from last year. It does not want to take off at the slightest movement, but move unusually more and it will go. When it does, it WILL NOT tear your arm off…like some others. It’s easy and manageable. I did very little tweaking as of now (I’m a dummy) But I’m sure it could be increased.

-Center Shot.
Looks to be as described…7/8ths, though I did not measure. My Duravane Predators have full clearance; my Fusions were a little tight.

The Draw…

The draw is smooth. I did notice a difference in draw after the first few shots as the strings may have settled. Smother as I shot. The cycle… It is a little more stout up front, slight fade until you transition into that rock hard wall. There is the slightest increase in the last inch or so, but it’s not a hump or bump in the draw. Just a hint of something. There is no major dump or rollover to speak of. It is not Bowtech like or even 09/10 Hoyt like. It is very nice, very easy to manage for me in a fast or slow draw. (Did I mention that wall is hard?) The draw really reminds me more and more of the 2009 Z28. The NBA Genetix is also very close. I liked it better than the Alien, all the Hoyts, Bowtechs, and Mathews and others I’ve shot this year and last. The only draw I like more is the PSE Axe/Vendetta. To me (YES TO ME) it might just be a touch smoother, but I’ve only shot 60#’s there.

Any questions feel free to pm me. I had some self-inflicted “issues” at first…that hindered my draw experience. I did not pay enough attention when fiddling with my new toy. Since then…I am one satisfied and impressed archer.

THIS a Keeper:darkbeer:

Cell pics of my test setup and my first 3 shots at 50. (no stabilizer, no lens, quish sight in). READ= REPEATABLE Shooter.
test setup.jpg

first 3 at 50.jpg

HHA products SUCK
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Front to back...perfect at start and FD.
Side to side is great to. No extra movement needed to make my hold/form level (bubble).

Trollinus Maximus.
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sounds amazingly fast :jam:

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Great looking bow, when you get a chance can you post some better pics

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Thanks Karb, wish there was some place (without and overnight trip) I could shoot one...

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Hey karbon when you sell it in a week let me know! :wink: just kidding! But how does it compare to the z28
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