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A few Ohio tourny's

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OK, I got a flier in the mail today from Ohioboysoutdoors. Contact info is 330-806-55139Mitch) or 330-268-8453(Ryan). Here is the scheduled events:

May 9---Salt fork lake-morning glory ramp
May 30---Wolf run lake
June 13---Tappan Lake
August 22---Salt fork lake-morning glory ramp

5 carp will be weighed in for total. Big/small carp split the pot. Most weight wins. Small carp will be weighed seperately unless it is one of your 5 carp.

3 people per boat-25.00 per person entry with 5.00 will be put aside for championship winners. The remaining 20 covers your big and small carp($5) entry and your entry fee for the tournament($15)
Start times: 8AM-weigh in 4PM

Payout is: 1st-50% 2nd-30% 3rd-20% is the website listed,but I cannot get it to pull up?? We went to one last year and there were around a dozen or so boats that showed up, had a good time!!
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Erie Trip anybody?

Meet and Greet and get together planned. See attached MSWord Document.
Whether able to attend or not, perhaps you can print it, give it to a friend or post it at your local sporting goods department or store.


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