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I sent this to Dave Nowlin also but I wanted to get everyone elses opinions/suggestions.

I just got my limb driver rest yesterday. Im still waiting on my Allegiance to get here though. A few things I noticed and was wanting ya'lls input....

1. When you attach the limb stiffener to the top limb I know the string hole goes on the bottom and the notches are supposed to face the cam. How do you tie your string off after you run it through the hole? Do you tie a knot in the end to keep it from slipping through or burn the end or what?

2. Did you ever adjust the spring tension? The spring tension allen screw seemed REALLY hard to loosen when I tried.

3. Did you use the "arrow holder" that come with the rest or did you use a different one. The arrow holder that come with the rest seemed a little small and Im not sure if the arrow is supposed to just "lie" on top of it or actually fits inside the grooves.

4. I alos noticed the prongs on the rest are kinda slightly bent upward when it lays down, have any of you slightly bent it to lie flat on the shelf?

Thanks for any tips/advice and answering any of my questions. Have a good and blessed day.
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