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a little help needed

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In the hope of saving some time and money selecting arrows for my Grandaughter, could someone run a search on AA or whatever for the following shafts: Easton ACEs, Platinum Plus, Cartel Triple. 32# at a draw length of 24 3/4" giving a correct arrow length of 25 3/4". Thanks in advance.
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Using the basic information given. OT suggests the following shafts.
Navigators-770 with 55 grn pts, with 50 a little soft, with 60 very slightly stiff
Easton xx75,blues xx75, Jazz xx75-1816 with 60 grn pts
Acc-3l-04 with 60 grn pts
X-10-750 with 60 grn pts
Cartel triple-900 with 75 grn pts

I made a guess at the bow size of 68 inches, at 32#'s with 25.75 inch arrow. Hope this helps. MM1354

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Pen -

26" 1616s, maybe 1716s depending if she cah shoot well enough to tune. (NIBBSs or one piece target points). If she's more of an "accomplished archer" you can go to thinner wall shafts, but with most "kids", I try not to go below 16/1000s.

Viper1 out.

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My personal experience:

64" bow - 24.75" draw
32 lbs at my draw length
Hoyt Aerotec, W/W Focus Limbs
Beither button and clicker, freeflyte elite rest, multi rod stabilizer, shur loc fita extreme sight
8125 string - 14 strands

These arrows tuned out of the bow:

1714 x7's left long - about 26.5" with heavy nibbs
ACE 1000's left long with 100 gr point
2012's left very long - 30" with heavy nibbs
1814 x7's about 27" with heavy nibbs
CX1000 - 26" with 100 gr point

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Her specs are almost identical to my son's and he shoots 3L-04 ACCs or 1714 Eclipse. I have some 810 Navigators for him to try and he has some 2-04 ACCs we are playing with as well. The 3L-04 with 2.5 or 3 inch feathers shoot extremely well indoor and he uses 187 FF for outdoor.
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