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a little setup advice please?

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I Need a little (shooting) advice please. I started bowhunting 4 years ago. With myself being a 1st generation bowhunter I have no mentor to get advice from. So everything I have learned has been self taught. For the last 4 years i have been shooting a PSE Team fitzgerald bow. Nothing special but a great 1st bow. Over the last 4 years i have changed my setup 3 times. From full length aluminum arrows to an 4" overdraw to increase arrow speed to now 30" Beman 400's. I shoot at least 30 arrows a night at least 4 times a week and have managed to get down to a 4" group at 30 yards. 20 yards or less and i consistently knock my arrows together in the target. I have managed to harvest 4 bucks and currently feel comfortable with my setup, but yet its not quite exactly the way i want it.

I am currently shooting staight 4" vanes. All my research indicates helical is the way to go. For maxium arrow stability. I do have the occasional "rest interfering with vanes now". <--did the baby powder test.

My problem is i want to be perfect. I will not be happy until i am splitting arrow #1 with arrow #2 at 30 yards. Although this may never happen i will keep shooting until it does... and then i probaly wont be happy until it happens at 40 yards etc..

Now that you have a little background here is my delima.
I am dropping my arrows and my bow off at the pro shop today. I purchased a Trophy Ridge Drop Zone rest and plan on having it installed. The reasons i bought it was because i got it off a friend whe changed his mind for 60 bucks, and i like the whole drop away concept. I plan on having my arrows crested with "white" for visability, and have helical 4" vanes installed. New zebra string(?), cables(probaly need replaced) etc. Im still undecided wheter or not to have a peep put on or not. I am somewhat happy shooting with a peep now, but its either to small of a peep or to big. Id love to have "crosshairs" lol. or eliminate the peep altogether. I feel like if i could perfectly line up my sight(s) and eliminate the occasionaly bow torque in my grip that my groups at farther ranges would tighten up alot. Any product reccomendations or advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. This will be the last time i change anything on my bow...hopefully!!!
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Keep the peep

Helical ok, not the total answer. Arrow that fits set up is the key. Beamans good choice.

4" groups ok at 30yrds 16" in deer kill area

drop away seem to help me and some others.

Remember to just keep it simple. Go to local 3d range and you will find some great advice usally and see alot of different set ups. Most 3d guys are hunters as well.

You got the right idea. Practice and try to consistly get good groups.

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Hey Boone

a big THANK U to you bud!
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