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Heres a tip that may be helpful. I had a screw stuck in a cam that I tried to
extract out. Ended up breaking a 1/4 off of the head. I thought to myself no big deal i'll just slot it with a dremel, cut it deep enough to get a good grip on it but to no avail it just would'nt budge. on the opposite side where it exits it had about 1-1/2 threads exposed. So I grabbed a needlenose vise grip and threaded it out the exit side.( I ended up drilling out the rest of the remain head prior to taking it out the exit side.) I did notice a burr on the remainer of the head,underneath facing the cam. It seems that when it tightened it down the burr dug into the soft alum. cam (screw is steel) when trying to loosen it before it broke, the burr was getting hung up in the cam.
So I think it's a good idea to thourghly check any screws prior to putting them in, replacing worn out ones with new one maybe a little longer, where 2-3 threads are exposed just in case you need to take it out the exit side,and triple check to see there are no clearance issues and everything works smoothly.
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