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I barely know anything about bow strings, so here I am, to ask a lot of questions :D
First of all, I shoot with a olympic recurve bow. My string was a Stone Mountain D97 68" of 18 strands. It broke last week, so I had to use a borrowed different used string for a tournament yesterday, but thats another story.
The string I used is a custom made one, with 16 strings, I think they are 4190, mainly used for compound bows someone told me. I was easier for me to shoot with it, but my arrows tended to fall from them. My coach told me to buy a string of 14 strands, Fastflight 8125. I did a little of research and didnt found the aforementioned string, but I did find info about the Fastflight strings. They say that are extra fast strings, and only special bows can hold them, the bow should say Fast Flight compatible, otherwise, use the B-50 string material. Source:
My riser is a Hoyt Horizon 25" and my limbs are SF Elite Carbon Foam 68" 40lbs. I dont know what to do, and my options for an archery shop to buy from are Lancaster Archery Supply and Alternative Sporting Services. Any other recommendations?
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