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a question about a dropzone rest

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:confused: :confused: i bought a dropzone about 4 weeks ago and it was shooting good till now it is very unconsistant i was shooting 6 a/c/c's arrows at 50 yards and 3 went into a three hit the center of the target and the other 3 were about 5-8 inches from the other three. when i shot the 3 arrows that did not group the rest made a diffrent noise than normal. i can't figure out whats wrong it shoot well sometimes and somtimes it just plain sucks. :confused:
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Hollowpoint10 said:
DZ's should be attatched to the down cable.....NOT the slide.
They are designed for the pull to BELOW the point where the cord enters the rest housing.....not above it.
Hollowpoint is correct the rest should be attached to the down cable not the slide. Reattach it to the down cable. Still I think the problem is somewhere other than the rest since 3 hit just fine. At 50 yrds a little bit of somthing can turn into a whole lot of off the target.

Good luck.
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