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A question about wind.

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Ok let me start by saying, I am starting over again after 15 years of not shooting.
As a young man I was fairly accomplished at indoor shoots. Not great mind you, but pretty good.
These days I find that I am 40ish years old, fat, and my shoulders and elbows hurt a lot, and everything just seems a lot tougher than it used to be.
A month ago when I brought home my new AM32 it was 12 degrees outside so I made a 15 yard range in the basement. I was amazed, my first 4 shots broke 2 nocs. It would really stack them in there. The bow and I shot great!
This weekend was nice and warm so the boy and I built an outside range so we could shoot out to 50 yards.
Saturday and Sunday the wind blew like a hurricane so I only shot at the 20 yard line. I shot terrible but what do you expect with a 40 mph gusty wind?
Monday the breeze calmed. I shot good groups at 20, not too bad at 30, and kinda sucky at 40, (I have no business even trying 50). I was happy.
Today the wind is back but not nearly like it was over the weekend. It is gusty and cold (33 degrees) and I cant hit anything. About 4 inch groups at 20, all over the place at 30 and I don't dare try 40.
Why is the wind affecting me so much? Is it normal?
It's not like I am using sub par equipment or something. I would think the AM32 would be plenty fast to overcome a breeze.
What do you think?
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I notice my shots affected by wind alot too..It could also have alot to do with it being alot tougher to hold on your spot too, which will obviously spread your groups out. Im no expert, but I would say if you are shooting decent groups on calm days, and less then great great groups on windy days, that the wind is probably playing a good part in it..its the only variable in the equation...

Oh and by the way..welcome back to the sport! :darkbeer:

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My backyard range (25 yds) sits in the wind shadow of my house when wind is out of the south--all but the last 5 yds. It is interesting to watch the arrow reaction when it moves out of the protected zone into the wind. Usually doesn't have a great effect on impact, but it does fishtail a bit.

When I'm catching the wind, it does move the pin/dot around on the target and it does take concentration to make good shots--so I'd say yes, the wind does have an effect.

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What arrows are you shooting smaller diameter arrows help out when shooti ng in the wind and a stabilzer that is a little heavier, not longer if you go longer it acts like a kite in flight. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up
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