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I wrote one a couple of weeks back while preparing for my next adventure
to the brush country of South Texas. That story was about an old buck
that I let walk.

This story isn't poignant - as the previous one was, but it's still a story none the less.

I didn't draw the pasture I wanted, though I did settle for a section on the ranch that I had hunted
in '07, I think it was... and did in fact kill a 6 1/2 yr. old management buck in that pasture that time.
It ain't important, but every pasture has a name and this particular one is called the "The Horse Trap".

For readers that didn't care to open the last thread I authored, I'll run through it again.
The ranch is about 25 miles NE of Laredo, 5,000 acres, bowhunting only.
130" or 5 1/2 yr. old minimum, you can shoot a slick 8 if he's 4 1/2.
If you make a mistake, an 8 or under will cost you a $500 penalty - 9 points
or more - if you're wrong, it'll be a thousand dollars.

I knew right where I wanted to go, and I made a real good set the afternoon
that I arrived. Good enough that I had deer coming in the next morning.
Yeah, I baited it with corn, everyone does it in that part of the world. Please
don't take off on a tangent about baiting...

Not that 1st morning, but that afternoon - a beautiful ten-point appeared.
The buck that most all of us want to put on the wall. Problem was - he woulda scored
about 125, maybe 128 tops, and he was only 4 1/2.
That was Monday, 12/7.

The rut hits late down there, the bucks were ready, but the does weren't.
I had does and fawns and young bucks coming in - ranging from spikes to
immature 8's.

The ten pointer continued to show up both morning and evening till Wednesday.
He chased does and he ran off the youngsters and he ate a little corn in between.
Thursday morning, he didn't show up, I guess he had some other places to investigate.
I had 5 or 6 deer out in front of me, same deer that I had been seeing for days - when a
new one appeared. A mature 8 pt. Not a scorer, no - but a potential shooter.
It took me a few minutes to size him up. Yeah, he's 4 1/2 and I'm gonna kill him.
Well, dammit, he wouldn't stay put. Every time that I'd get about half-way back,
he'd move - wrong angle, or he go after a young buck or one of the does. He'd disappear
into the brush, then reappear. Finally, I had him at about 25 yds. and the little knot-head
between me and him got outa the way.
I hurried my shot and I back-strapped him. Perfect horizontal, but way too high, I hit him
about 6" below daylight. It was not a mortal wound, thank God... He's probably still sore but alive.

Well, I blew that one - maybe I'll just pack up, go back to the lodge, eat some breakfast and take a nap.
Let's see... it's 9 o'clock now, I'll stay put till 9:30.

About 9:15...Whoa!
A nine-point. Every bit of 20" wide, 24" main beams, he's got combined about
10" worth of G1's. The 9th point is only about 3" long and he's not a day over 4 1/2...
But I got him at 135", maybe as high as 140", and if he gives me a shot, I'm betting a $1,000
that I'm right. I was at full-draw, not looking at his head anymore, but at my spot, 1/3rd of
the way up where the crease is, settling in...
When he bolted after a doe.
He came back about an hour later. Took a few bites and started walking away, broadside
at 18 yds. I guess in hindsight, I coulda clucked and stopped him, but that didn't occur to
me until he was out of my shooting window.

I hunt from a tent-blind with only one port open, and it's dark inside. I needed to explain that
because - that evening he appeared once more. It was straight up 6 o'clock, I was facing west,
the sun almost gone... when he materialized out of the brush. I turned on my pin light and clipped in.
He wasn't hurrying this time, he was hungry. But it was too dark to be sure of my spot on his body.
I never saw him again.

The last morning, which was last Saturday, I shot and killed a nice young doe without a fawn.
No picture - when you hang does upside down to skin 'em, they all look like sisters.
I let her lay after I shot her, I saw her fall.
Just before I had to leave, which was at 9:30 sharp, checkout time is 11 AM
on your last day - and there's blinds to break down...
A 3 1/2 yr. old ten point strolled in. Perfectly symmetrical rack, about 18" wide
and a bonafide 120 incher, 10" shy of being a shooter. I hope nobody kills him
until he's 5 1/2. That statement should be self-explanatory.

Some people will deem this as a hard-luck story.
I call it a good luck story.


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This is a good story - it's a true one, it took me awhile to write it and
I'll ttt it till somebody or another reads it.

It makes for far better reading than most of the drivel I find here.
Call that egotistical if you want, but I don't care. Both real writers and
aspiring writers better have an ego or give it up altogether.
Besides that, we write stuff to get somebody to read what we wrote.
There's no other purpose.


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Sounds like you had a great hunt ronnie !

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enjoyable read ronnie!! sounds like a great hunt hope you nail the ten next year
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