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I finally had the chance to shoot my bow through a chronograph. I am shooting a 2008 BT Allegiance at 70# 28" DL. I shot 3 different arrows, my usual arrows, and 2 different arrows that friends had given me.

Here's the data:

Arrow # 1: 506 gr @ 257 fps measuring 74.3 ft. lbs. KE

Arrow # 2: 398 gr @ 285 fps measuring 71.8 ft. lbs. KE

Arrow # 3: 380 gr @ 298 fps measuring 74.95 ft. lbs KE

I shot all 3 arrows until I got repeatability and was able to get the same speed on each more than once, although I did get some screwy numbers at times. At the time I would have thought that the KE would have dropped as the weight decreased and the speed increased, but apparently I was wrong.

I am going to stick with my go to arrows and do a little more experimenting to see what else is out there, there is one more arrow that I want to try to see how it specs out.

It was fun, hope to do more playing soon.

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