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??about pro40 dually-set up

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Hey guys I have a new pro40 dually 50-60 lb on its way. I was just wondering if there is any cetain ways to set up the dual cams. This bow has the cable adusters on it, do they work good?? Thanks in advance Eddie:D
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Eddie.......first off if you have read any of the threads about this bow, there is a degree of cam lean built into the design.......don't try to remove it. (Do keep an eye on it to make sure bushings remain solid and the lean doesn't become excessive) Mine has been fine after hundreds and hundreds of shots but I watch it anyway.
They like a slightly stiffer arrow than the charts dictate........Tony's TAP will prove this out. I'm actually shooting CXL350's at 59# with a 29 1/4" shaft with my 30" draw length for 3D.

Other than that........the bow is accurate forgiving and fast in that order.(and the bow IS FAST)

As for the cable adjusters? I have yet to see a pair, but from what I am gathering from reading other's experiences the amount of tension in the adjustment screws are critical to quiet performance. They can't be too loose or too tight. I imagine you are giving up a few FPS with them but it's a nice feature to keep things perfectly timed.
Like I said I DON'T have them but timing has been a non-issue thus far as the string/cables on mine have been extremely solid and have shown virtually zero creep.

Good luck with the new's a shooter.:cool:
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