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? about release for my 3 yr old

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my 3 yr old is shooting a bow now and he want to shot like dad with a releasedp the make one that small or should i get a little goose and shortin it up as far as i can help if you can thanks jamie
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Kids Release

I would wait 4 or 5 years. I dont know about your son, but with my boys, patience is iffy at best. Its very flattering when our boys want to be just like us, but I would hate to see the lad get overwhelmed and quit because of it.

I have a boy that will be 8 in a month, and he just HAD to have a sight for his bow. He wants to be like the ole' man and his brother. But he doesnt have the ability to actually use it, because he wont settle down. It takes a great deal of coordinated effort to use all of the stuff we've got.

The main thing is to keep the fun in shooting, which ever way you go.
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