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I agree with Sam. The kill zone, even on a small deer is larger than the typical bull/"X" shot at in Field Archery or 3D (at the same distance). Not that accuracy isn't very important when hunting...

In my case, "buck fever" and many other scenarios (like holding at full draw waiting for a deer to step out from behind a tree) are much more likely to cause accuracy problems when hunting! :eek:

Just a side note:

My suggestion, especially if you are using a true BT release...get plenty of practice shooting down from a stand or platform before the season starts. FWIW, many of the target shooters using true BT style releases (that I know) switch to some type of trigger release for hunting. They want the shot to got off a bit faster when hunting (vs. target shooting), and shooting on demand is easier for most to accomplish with a trigger style release...

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