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Check out the following link:

Pull one of your nocks and take a measurement using a digital caliper.
Click on a flat nock from the enclosed link. When that selection opens
it will give the id (inside diameter of the arrow shaft) that is required
for the nock to fit.

I do not use the Lumenok but I have read several good reviews on how bright they are.

For my Barnett Ghost 410 and the Barnett Buck Commander BCXtreme 365 Ultra Lite
that shoot the same 20" arrow shaft I use the 1/2 moon Nock Out Clean Shot Lighted
Nocks. These add approximately 24 more grain weight to the back of the arrow compared
to the plastic nock that weighs 10 or 12 grain depending what company builds them.
To keep approximately the same FOC (front of center) one would add a 25 grain heavier point.

My nocks came three per package with 3 different size bushings per nock. The bushing
out side diameters are .285, .297 and .300 To use this style your arrow shaft inside diameter
would have to be one of .285, .297 or .300.

These are a fairly bright nock, no replaceable battery. They have a tiny lock ring to disable
the light for practice shooting.

Checking the Clean Shot Nock Out website for a crossbow they only show 1/2 moon, which
their new version says to glue in to a carbon shaft. There is no practice mode. They activate
when shot and to deactivate, one pulls the back of the nock out a bit.

Any crossbow that does not require an arrow with a snap on style nock, the nock normally
does not have to be glued in, unless one is designed like the new Clean Shot version.

Another nock to look into is the Fire Nock. It is more expensive but if I recall correctly, they
have a replaceable battery.

All the best with what ever you choose.
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