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ace choice?

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Just looking for some input. Ordering some a.c.e.s' for field wondering which ones would work best. My d.l. 31.5 d.w. 59lbs shooting ultra elite 3000 limbs cam and a 1/2 I know what the easton charts say I'm looking for input from you guys (point weight, nock type, fletching type ) any input would be appreciated thanks
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At your draw and lbs I would go with a tougher shaft. I shot them for awhile a few years ago. They are great but I beat them to death. You have the draw that you can shoot anything just about and get speed so the weight isn't an issue. If I were you I would spend the extra coin and get X10s or go with ACGs. Or go with Nano XRs which I think are a better shaft then ACEs anyway.
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