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Archery Talk Rules: Forum Rules

Classified Rules: Sold - Forum Rules

Classifieds view/access explained.

Adding photos to your post.
Avatars for all.
Changing User name.
Classified User requirements.
Customise your profile.
How to add You Tube video to your posts.
How to leave feedback.
Posting a picture twice.
Unofficial Archery Talk FAQ.

AT Fax number: 509-525-0393

Adding a Profile picture: Go to your UserCP, My Settings, edit Profile Picture and upload a picture or enter the image URL.

Change your avatar: Go to your UserCP, My Settings, Edit Avatar.

Change your signature: Go to your UserCP, My Settings and Edit Signature. Remember to abide by AT rules when adding a signature.

Staff has been discussing some new requirements for our classified section. Please remember, as always, use of the classifieds is at the user's own risk.
On October 19th, 2015 Archery Talk will implement some new classified user requirements.
First, a new user will have to wait two weeks before they will be able to start a classified ad.
Second, a user must have at least 20 posts prior to starting a classified ad. This will go for all users, if you have been a user for two years and have 10 posts, you will not be allowed to start a classified thread until your post count is 20.

AT Administration
Further Classified requirements.
Classified Forum Visibility
Due to the ever increasing persistence of scammers perpetrating our classifieds sections and trying to cheat hard working archers out of their money, we are now restricting the classifieds a little more. You will now not be able to access the classifieds forums at all until you have been a member for at least two weeks and have a minimum of 20 posts (the same criteria we limited to starting a new classy thread originally).

We apologize for the further access restrictions, but... we are trying to do as much as we reasonably can to protect those members who trade there legitimately, which is the vast majority of all of you.

The management

Creating a Poll:
Start a new thread, select Post a poll and the number of poll options from the additional options, select Submit thread. Then fill in the options and submit the thread.

Custom User Title: Go to your UserCP, My Settings, Edit Profile and then change your Custom User Title.

Deleting a thread: If it's in a Classifieds forum, you can close it using the Administrative link. If it's elsewhere and you don't have the close tool available, a Moderator or Administrator can close it for you. You can just click the Report Post link on a post in the thread and request it be closed. We'll then close it for you. However most should be in a Classifieds forum where you can do it on your own. We don't delete threads, as we need them to keep the history of AT.

Deleting stored pictures: Go to your UserCP and select attachments on the left. When you see the list of attachments come up, scroll down to the first page and on the left, click 'show thumbnails'. Now you can see em too. Just click the box to the right of the ones you want to delete, then scroll down to the bottom, click the drop down and 'delete selected'. You can also delete an entire page at a time by clicking the little box at the very top of the column, that will select all pictures on the page, then delete them as you would individual ones.

Finding your posts: Click on your User name, on the left side of the page you will see: Find all posts and Find all threads started.

Saving a copy of PMs: Go to your UserCP, My Settings, General Settings, Private Messaging and check the Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default button.

Searching: AT has a simple search, which limits multiple words, wildcards, etc. This is done to keep the forum from crashing with complex searches, as many of members use the search function and it's a processor sensitive function. There is a way. It's a bit complicated. You can use Google to search AT. Put this in the Google search box: "Searching for"

Spam score: If you get a "Your new Post was Rejected due to a spam score..." It's because you have a low post count and are a new member. This prevents spammers from attacking the classifieds. Try posting on more topics and that spam rating should go away.

Trouble staying logged on: Try logging off of AT. Delete all cookies in your browser related to AT. Clear your temporary internet files/history. Verify your browser is accepting cookies. Close all instances of your browser. Restart browser and navigate to AT. Don't forget to check the remember box.


AT – Archery Talk.

A2A - Axle to Axle.

Admin - Archery Talk Administrator.

A.M.O. - (Archery Manufacturing Organization) and I.B.O. (International Bowhunters Association) both have a method for testing arrow speed from bows and although they are different both can be used to compare equipment for relative speed. Both of the speed testing standards use a constant drawlength, arrow weight and bow weight to test bowspeed. These are the way the two differ.

A.M.O. - Under this standard the bow being tested will have a maximum pull weight of 60lbs. The arrow will have a grain weight of 540(9 grains of arrow weight per pound of bow weight). The draw length will be set at 30 inches. The chronograph used for measuring the speed will be placed at point blank range for testing.

I.B.O. - Under this standard the bow being tested will have a maximum pull weight of 70lbs. The arrow will have a grain weight of 350(5 grains of arrow weight per pound of bow weight). The draw length will be set at 30 inches. The chronograph used for measuring the speed will be placed at point blank range for testing.

ATA - Axle to Axle.

BH - Bowhunting and Bowhunter's showcase.

BH – Broadhead.

BH – Bowhunting.

BH - Brace Height.

BRB - Be Right Back.

BT - Backtension or Bowtech.

Bump - This is posted on a thread to bring the thread to the top of that particular forum's first page. Similar to TTT.

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency.

CONUS - as is $625 TYD conus. To Your Door in the Continental United States.

DL - Draw Length.

DW - Draw Weight.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

F/S - For Sale.

F/T - For Trade.

Funsuckers - some people who like to suck all the fun out of the air.

FWIW - For What It's Worth.

FX - Federal Express.

FYI – For Your Information.

GenPop - General Archery Discussion forum.

GPI - Grains Per Inch.

GR – Grain.

HB - Hurry Back.

IDK - I Don't Know.

IMHO - In My Honest (or Humble) Opinion.

IMO - In My Opinion.

JK - Just Kidding.

KE - Kinetic Energy.

LH - Left Hand.

LH - Left Helical.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud.

LOL - Lots Of Laughs.

MO - Money Order.

Mod - Forum moderator. Moderators oversee specific forums. They generally have the ability to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other manipulations.

MV – Mutantville a former fun place. Jumpy's Junkyard is now the place.

NIB - New In Box.

OBO - Or Best Offer.

OMG - Oh My God.

OPP - Other People's Property.

PM - Private Message.

PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance.

PP - Paypal.

RH - Right Hand.

RH - Right Helical.

ROFLMBO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Butt Off.

SPF - Sold Pending Funds.

SPP - Sold Pending Payment.

Sticky - a notice at the top of a forum's page that stays there and doesn't rotate down the page.

Time out - You're in trouuuuuble!

TMD - To My Door (includes shipping).

TMI - To Much Information.

TTT - To The Top, similar to bump. This is posted on a thread to bring the thread to the top of that particular forum's first page.

TY - Thank You.

TYD - To Your Door (includes shipping).

UPS - United Parcel Service.

USPS - United States Postal Service.

WB - Welcome Back.

WTB - Wanted To Buy.

WTS - Wanted To Sell.

WTT - Wanted To Trade.
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