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I went to try an Admiral & the dealer also brought out a new 40-50# Vulcan with 25" Vector cams.. Unfortunately I only got to shoot the Vulcan a few times. All I know about the Vulcan is that the ATA is 33" & I believe the brace is only 6". As I think back those few shots felt good.

Does anybody know what the IBO & bare bow wt of the Vulcan is?

Any input or comparison or experience with these 2 bows would be appreciated.

I'm afraid of the Vulcan short brace, long ATA (for me) and that it felt heavy(like close to 5#).
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Weights some where right around 4.2 lbs and the brace height is just alittle over 6" if I remember right.

I didn't know what to think of the short brace height till after shooting it for awhile. The Vulcan is an great shooter glad I bought it, it's going to be hard for me to try others now. I just bought myself a Drenalin but the weather hasn't been nice enough to shoot here yet as I do all my shooting outdoors.

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