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5 Day Archery- As cheap as 600.00 per hunter!!!!

I am offering semi-quided hunt packages on 550 acres in Christian and Todd counties, comprised of three adjoining farms. Right now I am only offering these hunts to groups so get with your buddies. I would like to limit the groups to 5 hunters but would consider more for family situations.

Description as follows:

550 acres - I have a few stands in place for your use. You’re also welcome to hang your own or use your climber. I will forward aerial photos showing property lines, parking areas and stand locations. Plus I will mark the photos with crops (ALL BEANS THIS YEAR), CRP, river, hardwoods, etc. These properties have it all. I will meet you at the property for an orientation and drive through.

5 full days. " You pick the dates your group wants". This is a first come first serve offer. If you’re serious about certain dates you need to jump on it. You can visit Kentucky’s DNR website to get the proposed dates for archery, youth season, fall turkey, early and late muzzleloader and modern rifle season. If you would prefer a longer hunt, I will be glad to work with you.

Food/Lodging. You’ll have to provide your own. Hopkinsville , Ky. Is less than 20 min. from these farms and there are several hotels and restaurants available.

Hunting Licenses are available on-line or over-the-counter at Walmart and many other locations.

Cost: For all dates other than modern rifle, the cost will be $3000.00 Modern rifle season (Nov. 8-23) will be $4000.00. That’s the total cost for these 3 farms for 5 days! Example: If you have a group of 5 and you want to bowhunt the first 5 days of November the cost would only be $600.00 per hunter. That’s unheard of pricing to hunt the Midwest!!!

The Christian/Todd county line divides these farms. Christian County is one of the top [email protected] counties in the USA and the largest buck killed last season in Ky came from Todd County. This buck was killed less than 2 miles from these farms.

I plan to only sell 4 of these hunts. These are good farms and I don’t want to overhunt them. These farms have made up the core of my operation for the past 3 years.

I apologize to any individual hunters out there that would love to take advantage of this offer. I want everybody to be happy with their hunt and I just don’t see that being the case if I turn 5 strangers loose on 550 acres of land. That could be a nightmare both for you and for me.

I have references and will be glad to provide them.
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