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Michigan student performs research project on archery equipment

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Kettering student using engineering background in research project

FLINT - A compound bow is not exactly what you'd expect to see sitting inside one of the country's top engineering schools.

In fact, Justin Keiffer's independent research project looks more than a little out of place, surrounded by car engines and experimental fuel cells in a cluttered Kettering University lab.

Unlike many of his peers, the Kettering senior, 22, isn't working on the next best thing for the automotive industry.

Instead, his sights are focused on the hunting world and the technology behind precision archery equipment.

It began last semester during a mechanical engineering class, when Keiffer watched an Eastman Outdoors video on the advantages of using a mechanical release when shooting a bow. The video detailed the physics behind the claim, showing how a bowstring rolls off the fingers less consistently than when using a mechanical release, resulting in reduced accuracy.

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