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All you Junk Shooters - Yeah You!!!

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Time to rant---

I am sick and tired of people killing little deer and saying "it was a good kill" or "any buck with a bow is a good kill". Can we put all these people in a room and let the buckshot fly.... Here in Oklahoma you can kill anything that walks pretty much, and the State wants nothing to do with changing anything that will hurt license sales... God forbid we try to manage the doe herd and grow trophy bucks..

Then I have to deal with this - We found a yearling shot yesterday on my farm with a rifle from the night before--- [email protected] [email protected] road hunters spotlighters........

I wish "the people" could do something about it....

Talk to me... Let me here it...
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What emotion and passion from all....

I little emotional rise and true conviction are great for people. Glad to see all of you are still alive.

I have been hunting for 20 years and Bowhunting Hard for 3 seasons. I have passed on every deer I have seen. Could have shot many 1 1/2 and few 2 1/2 year old bucks. And at least 50 does. I choose not to because I love to hunt.

I started all this with a little bait and most of you bit.

My partner and I have 300 acres of Bottomland. We started with a 1 acre food plot the 1st year and now have 13 acres in 6 different plots in 3 years.

We have game cameras and video all of our hunts; we name all of our bucks each year and keep a log of how to identify them. We have so much fun trying to identify animals and seeing new deer either in person or film.

We have shot "Dinks" before and will kill "Rag Horns" we know are genetically inferior.

We prefer to be horn hunters but in Oklahoma it is difficult to be one because of the above mentioned from DB. Just like the rest of you, we have neighbor problems, and every time we let those 6 and 8 pointers walk. We are scared to death someone is going to kill it.

We all have to try to improve the deer heard and maybe just maybe…… Pope and Young will come calling your name before Saint Peter does.

I look forward to many chats and stories with all of you. Again, Great Emotion...That is what make life so grand.

Mathews - “I did not know there was anyone else”
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1 - 2 of 165 Posts
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