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All you Junk Shooters - Yeah You!!!

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Time to rant---

I am sick and tired of people killing little deer and saying "it was a good kill" or "any buck with a bow is a good kill". Can we put all these people in a room and let the buckshot fly.... Here in Oklahoma you can kill anything that walks pretty much, and the State wants nothing to do with changing anything that will hurt license sales... God forbid we try to manage the doe herd and grow trophy bucks..

Then I have to deal with this - We found a yearling shot yesterday on my farm with a rifle from the night before--- [email protected] [email protected] road hunters spotlighters........

I wish "the people" could do something about it....

Talk to me... Let me here it...
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snoopy said:
:D You guys thought he was serious! Noone is that narrow minded. He had to be joking, otherwise he'd have to be an idiot!!!! :D
I vote idiot.

Some people hunt horn, some hunt meat, some hunt for the sheer enjoyment of being in the woods with friends and family.

What Strong has done is taken the personal "yardstick" he uses to define success or failure in the field and assumes everyone else has the same hunting goals as he, and then is shocked aghast and amazed when somone harvests an "inferior" animal.... according to him any way.

Do I like to hunt and kill big deer???... yes.
Will I kill "lesser" animal.... Yes.
Would I impune another for hunting differently than I do....No.

Strong.... hunt and kill all the book bucks you want if thats yer gig, but dont expect the rest of the hunting world to conform your sense of success and failure.
What emotion and passion from all....

I little emotional rise and true conviction are great for people. Glad to see all of you are still alive.

I have been hunting for 20 years and Bowhunting Hard for 3 seasons. I have passed on every deer I have seen. Could have shot many 1 1/2 and few 2 1/2 year old bucks. And at least 50 does. I choose not to because I love to hunt.

I started all this with a little bait and most of you bit.

My partner and I have 300 acres of Bottomland. We started with a 1 acre food plot the 1st year and now have 13 acres in 6 different plots in 3 years.

We have game cameras and video all of our hunts; we name all of our bucks each year and keep a log of how to identify them. We have so much fun trying to identify animals and seeing new deer either in person or film.

We have shot "Dinks" before and will kill "Rag Horns" we know are genetically inferior.

We prefer to be horn hunters but in Oklahoma it is difficult to be one because of the above mentioned from DB. Just like the rest of you, we have neighbor problems, and every time we let those 6 and 8 pointers walk. We are scared to death someone is going to kill it.

We all have to try to improve the deer heard and maybe just maybe…… Pope and Young will come calling your name before Saint Peter does.

I look forward to many chats and stories with all of you. Again, Great Emotion...That is what make life so grand.

Mathews - “I did not know there was anyone else”
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The biggest buck I've killed with a bow was a small 5-pt.! It still stands as my best trophy to date! I like to eat meat and enjoy the outdoors with my family! I kill alot of does and spikes! If you think it's easy to kill big deer, you've never hunted in WV! The terrain alone would probably kill you!
Connecticut has a deer population problem. Hence the replacement antlerless deer tags (as many as you want). And hence the decision by the town of Greenwich to spend $47,000 to hire a sharpshooter to bait and night-shoot any deer they can (in February).

I and several hunters I know pass on the smaller bucks whenever possible. I'm after does right now, having shot 5 deer altogether this year (in order: nice size doe, button buck (thought was a doe), another button buck (thought to be a doe - guess my eyesight isn't very good), an 8-point 2 1/2 year old buck, a large 5-point 4 1/2 year old).

Neighbors would just as soon I shot every button buck I saw. There are still 4 in the neighborhood. I'm havin' trouble finding does!

I'd write more, but I gotta get set for the 3:00 doe passage across town on a friend's property. I'm hoping today is the day I'll put some venison in their freezer.
Are you a hunter or a "mother".
Sounds like feeding your deer, naming them and monitoring them with cameras etc. is your passion. Maybe you really aren't in this for the hunting?
I don't know...all those huge deer and you have not yet taken one with your bow yet??

Maybe you should be in the field "hunting" or at the range practicing instead of "trolling" AT and instigating people:)

My guess (for you personally, as this isn't meant for others) is you have the same mentality as the "single guy" who is holding out for a supermodel....
"My guess (for you personally, as this isn't meant for others) is you have the same mentality as the "single guy" who is holding out for a supermodel...."

LMAO!!!!!!!!! Like cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation "...he'd holding out for a management position." :D :D
Hey Strongone - why haven't you been harvesting any does?From your most recent post it looks like you're trying to manage the deer herd on your property with the addition of all the food plots and all - but don't you think it would be wise to harvest a few does if what you're intending to do is manage your property for trophy animals? Or are you saying that everyone should pass on anything other than a 3 1/2 year old buck or older or bucks that are genetically inferior? Or what, we don't love hunting like you do?Please enlighten me!!And just FYI - I do not hunt so P & Y will someday come knocking at my door!!!If that's your goal - great, I'm glad for you but, don't assume your hunting goals are the same as mine.
I hunt for the results in the freezer. My kids don't care to eat horns at the dinner table, they usually go away hungry.

If I have a tag, I'm going to use it unless I'm in an area that I feel needs to be managed better but I guarantee, I'll go somewhere else to use the tag.

Midlife Crisis If you need help, I'm only 7 hrs away
Strong 1 said:
Time to rant---

I am sick and tired of people killing little deer and saying "it was a good kill" or "any buck with a bow is a good kill"

God forbid we try to manage the doe herd and grow trophy bucks..
I think I uderstand what you're saying? BUT, you'll never convince most of the lil' deer slayers to take the next step! One only has to take a peek at many of these forums "BIG" buck contests and see all of the lil' yearling 40 and 50" bucks to realize the seriousness of the problem! They'll continue to kill any deer they get a chance at and still pat themselves on the back for doing so. The lil' bucks are all fine and dandy when you're a kid but after a few seasons it's time to up the bar and set goals! I think they totally wear out the "if I don't kill it, somebody else will" excuse, I personally get tired of hearing it. However, as mentioned, it's their choice I guess. You certainly did come on a bit strong especially for a first post! Obviously you're anger comes from poachers but it sounds like a lot of your frustrations may come from your areas "hunters". Talk to 'em, try to set up a QDM meeting? Pass out flyers and try to make the locals aware. Contact the QDMA and they can assisst you in trying to "educate" area "sportsman". Good luck with your management goals.
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What it wrong with you guys?

Does it really matter how big of a deer you get? Some people are not Trophy hunters and don't live somewhere that bucks have a chance to turn into 17 point monsters. I am 14 and have gotten one buck so far and it was a small seven point but i am still proud of it. It got meat in the freezer and it is something i will always remember. When I go into the woods i don't hold out for a P&Y buck, I shoot what will fill my tag. If you are going to flame on people for HUNTING, then this forum is not for you:rolleyes:
Put up or shut up......................

Take a digital of all racks you have taken and let us see where you're at. Don't leave any out either. Let me guess, you started out at P&Y and stayed there?

Ive taken five bucks total with a bow, nothing larger than 60". Ive honestly never seen a buck larger while hunting. Just call me a junk hunter I guess.

You come off like a real ball bag, feel free to prove me wrong.
Strong1 said:
"I started all this with a little bait and most of you bit."

OK, Javi was right- You are a troll.
Holy crap guys lets think about this a little bit.

- We have some guys in the midwest hunting private land saying that smaller bucks should be passed on.

- We have guys in the northeast hunting on alot of public land or small tracts of private land saying that small bucks is all there are.

Maybe, just maybe, it depends alot on where you are. I live in North Dakota and also hunt my family farm in SE Ohio. Yes, I let alot of bucks younger bucks go. I do that because genetics, hunting pressure, land access and alot of hunting time give me that luxury. That is my choice and I won't push it on anyone else. If I, or many of you, lived in a suburban neighborhood in the northeast your attitudes might change. Many of the midwestern hunters are letting bucks walk that would be trophies in other parts of the country. Instead of pointing fingers maybe we should be thankful and maybe offer one of our eastern AT friends a midwest hunt.

Regardless of what we shoot for bucks we should all be trying to harvest some does to keep the populatin under control and reduce the buck to doe ratio. I mature doe is harder to kill than a 1 1/2 year old buck.

We are all in different situations. Let's not judge one another until we have taken a good hard look at where they are coming from.
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It is Useless, people think that shooting any buck is something special i guess, I dont understand and niether do most other serious hunters, you want meat shoot a doe, you want horns wait for a mature deer or eat your tag, i have ate several, they aren't bad, but im not going to argue because people would rather Kill than help the herd and their is no changing a Narrow mind

happy holidays
Passing judgement

Now he has said he uses game camera, food plots, most likely hunts with feeders.

Should we pass judgement on you. NO!

My lease we shoot 8ptrs only and do qaulity management. But Im certainly not going to tell anyone what they can shoot legally.

Many dont have the luxury of leases and property.
Naturally deer should be managed properly for the overall health of the population and to maximize hunting opportunities…

But then that’s not what many people mean when they talk deer management now is it??

Most mean to manage the deer so there are more opportunities to harvest a big set of antlers. In essence to fuel an ego and to end up with a decoration for the house. Really that’s what it’s about isn’t it ? Bragging rights.. a since of self worth in the hunting community ??? An attempt to gain respect from friends.. families and other sportsman?? What other reason would so many hunters choose to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours hunting only to pass up on every opportunity besides what I just described..

But if that is your thing (and in part it is mine) go for it… Just don’t hide behind quality deer management as the reason to shoot only BIG bucks. Shoot a doe whenever possible if your after the kill alone. Take a smaller buck only if it looks like the only way to fill a tag for the season. But don’t be an idiot and take a buck for the sake of taking a buck. If you won’t proudly display the rack then simply don’t kill it. What do they call the top echelon of hunters that take most of the trophies?? I think the 10% club… Well the other 90% have other motives besides ego it would appear. Yes please do everything to maximize a healthy deer population and help grow some nice racks. But please enjoy the sport and your times in the woods. To compare that time in the woods with the quality of the rack?? Foolish at best
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that it let start a fight among our self when we have groups out there want to stop all hunting. if you want to shoot big buck shot them and shut up. the people who shoot little ones will see the bigs one and will change there feelings. be explile and stop putting people down
Cornfed I hear ya. Wow anger can be a beautiful thing huh? What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander! Taking it up a notch was mentioned by someone I think and I like that. Personally I also let alot walk as I love to hunt and spend time watching, scouting, unraveling rublines etc. I don't care what Joe Blow does,as long as it's not on my property. That whole theory of If I don't shoot it....B.S. If those bucks aren;t pressured,they usually will
stay on that piece of land,and use it as a haven once the bullets fly. I hunt a 40 acre property that has several same size tracts around and about 8yrs ago I just told myself hey I am going to see what happens if I let everything walk that isn't at least 18 inside as a start. Guess what lives or at least spends alot of time on our 40 now? Deer aren't stupid and again if they are left alone and not hassled all the time they'll hang. We have more 8-10 s
on our piece than ever before. Plus all the hassled animals run thru my funnel
to hide in the back of our 40 because we don;t run around on it or over hunt it. I saw some real dandy's come thru during gun season this year and never had a clear shot on the big boys that got pushed from other propertys and got to watch a few 8's walk by within bow range. Yes I have that choice,but
as the seasons pass and you take a few animals I just thought that out of sheer respect to the great whitetail and one's self one would naturally progress into taking mature animals as opposed to kids. Now that I know that isn't what everybody works towards it's sad. A seasoned hunter taking immature animals is a little weird I think as a personal observation. Take a few does anyday but to take buttons and yearlings every year...............
For every one that shoots immature animals,you will never know what could be behind that small buck you shot or maybe one year you will and watch the monster run away because he watched you draw on the smaller animal.
To each his own but how many bucks are you going to see if you kill everyone of them and your neighbor's doing the same thing? Food for thought,don't choke on it though as it's just a question to think about.
Break the cycle man,sometimes the sense of pride a man gets watching that
buck walk on by surpasses any bragging session of days gone by. ETHICS!

By the way,the guty that started this,I think where you lost everyone was the room and buckshot thing,maybe it's just me though. :D
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I just love all the responses to this post. Finally, people are getting sick and tired of other hunters demeaning their deer kills. That kind of arrogance should be responded to exactly the way it was.

Now the author is backpedalling and trying to say it was all a joke. Well thanks to all the rest of you for setting him straight.


I am very proud of every animal that I have taken with a bow. As a bow hunter i have to deal with scent, cold weather, being super silent and and limited range. If I could only hunt what other people choose ito be a trophy animal then it would be time for me to take up checkers
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