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Almost Attacked (kind of long)

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We got to the ranch Friday morning and got every thing ready for the big day. So with nothing else to do we decided to go hog hunting Friday night. I decided to go to a feeder that has no blind, and just hide in the trees about 25 yards from the feeder. I was sitting west of the feeder and the heavily used game trail with the wind in my face out of the south east. This feeder sits at the bottom of a 30 or so foot ridge. I sat against a tree fighting with the flies for about 20 min. then I needed to change my sitting position. when I moved I heard something behind me to th north in the field. Turkeys were coming to the feeder and saw me move so they headed north. dangit!! That would have been a good pic of me the turkey on the trail cam. Anyway sat there about 2 min. looking around an showing flies off my ears.I had my bow in my lap just resting there. I looked up the ridge at the trail and saw what looked like some ears facing me. First thought ( stump that I didn't notice before). Nope they move when I attempted a turkey sound (sounded like a muffled turkey drowning) Coyote!!! (Always wanted one with a bow). No shot due to the tree limbs. So I try the call again and make a slight movement with my hand. He takes two steps to wards me. (HOLY $&*% !!!! THATS A BOBCAT!!!!) Trying to calm down I still need two more steps for a shot. I started making a squeaking sound but, he didn't move. Just stared at me. So I squeaked and moved my hand to put my release on the D LOOP,and HERE HE COMES!!! Only HES NOT STOPPING!!! HES GONNA GET ME!!! Sitting the direction I was facing when I went to full draw I had to move my foot to come around to aim.(at what seemed like a Siberian Tiger charging me from the top of the ridge.) He saw my foot move and stopped about 7 Yards in front of me. I lined up on him, but the only shot I had was to the head. I thought " better shoot before he turns into a buzz saw on my leg". GOT EM!!! He ran down to wards the feeder then back up to the top of the trail were he came from and stopped, shook his head, looked at me and left. I recovered the arrow with fur and blood but, not a passthru.I tracked blood for about 30 min.Then it was to dark. We went back the next afternoon.(after the morning hunt).The blood stopped after about 150 yards. I followed cat tracks for another 150 yards in the sand and lost them in the high brush I found more cat tracks in the river on Sunday about 400 yards from the shot spot. I bet hes in a tree somewhere licking his paw and rubbing his head. What an adrenalin rush. I didn't sleep but an hour Friday night. I guess I'm gonna have to get me a 7 yard pin and a pacemaker. What a hunt.
I started shaking again just writing this.
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thats great. you should have let him walk up to you and petted him. lol they like to be scratched behind the ears. lol
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