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So I started another thread about night hog hunting recently, but I figured I’d list the completed rig in another post so folks can see this Frankenstein deal I’ve put together:

Machine Automotive design Motor vehicle Engineering Room

Camera lens Camera accessory Cameras & optics Audio equipment Optical instrument

Reflex camera Digital camera Camera lens Camera accessory Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera

  • Sytong HT-66
  • Quick install adapter 38-46mm for NV007 to connect NV rig to the TACT100 scope
  • Ultrafire 1000 lumen P60 host flashlight
  • 940 IR wavelength P60 bulb
  • Silicone strap tie-downs
  • x2 18650 flat top rechargeable batteries

I really like this set-up because I can leave the crossbow-specific scope on the rig (with a sight picture/reticle like) and just add the NV when I need it, without losing zero. I had to use the silicone strap to lash the flashlight on one of the TACT100 turrets since the crossbow’s rail gets in the way of using offset pic rail mounts. And while it looks heavy, it isn’t. I also have a very long pull length, so I have no issues with eye relief…it’s very comfortable.

I don’t have a micro SD card handy but will get one soon to take a pic of the reticle view.
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