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Amazing Scientific Breakthrough

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Check out the new Cabela's Catalog page 181= "The unigue odor blocking layer works all day and in all conditions .(They have found magical carbon ) Can be easily reactivated by simply airing out your boots overnight "
Well we can throw away the dryer now .
I called a few prople in the carbon field and they have no answer to such a claim and why someone would make such a statement of fact.
When will we wake up and demand the truth ?
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Scent blocker which uses activated carbon is not the best investment. I work with carbon all the time in line of work I am in. The carbon could work if it was replaced each time you hunt, but after being exposed to the air for a period of time (especially such small quantities they use) the activated carbon becomes expired, useless.

This means that at the factory, when the carbon is inserted, sure it works... If you took it off the assembly line, and wore it immediately. Through the time of shipping and sitting in a warehouse/store the carbon is exposed and being exhausted. This is why activated carbon that is sold ANYWHERE is sold in an airtight container or plastic bag, keeping it away from exposure to fresh air or water.

I'm not saying that carbon doesn't "clean" odors by any means - because it does. But by the time you get these scent blocker clothes, the carbon in them is exhausted and pretty much useless. And I promise you - one cannot reactivate that carbon by simply "airing it out" or putting it in the dryer.

Now if scent blocker made removable inserts that would be replaced each time you hunt, that would be a much more practical approach. Then again they may do this already but I have never researched the clothes.
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