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We introduced a totally new concept in archery targets at the 2015 ATA show, with the HybriMAT NoWear series. Consisting of three models, the NoWear CRM (Commercial Range Module), The SPM (School Practice Mat) and the RPM (Range Practice Mat).

All of these targets feature a rigid foam shell, that is filled with a compressed material, that stops the fastest arrow or bolt, allowing easy arrow removal. The front of the target uses a woven high tensile strength screen, that will last over 100 thousand shots before it needs to be replaced. This screen also holds the arrow straight for scoring, and maintains a flat surface for the target face. When the screen is ready to be replaced, it is easy to do, at a cost of $25.00

All of these targets also have a "Port" on the bottom of them, so when the material inside the target moves around enough to allow arrows to penetrate to much, the material can be repositioned, and the stopping power returned to new. The targets are designed to be the natural evolution of bag targets, giving archers a light weight alternative, that is cost effective, user friendly and totally repairable.

At the ATA show, the CRM and the RPM models were used in the shooting lanes of PSE, Bear, G5, Velocity and others where they garnered praise and respect, as archers were amazed by the arrow removal, and the toughness of the targets as they were pounded for three days at a distance of 10 yards or less.

We will be posting videos soon, to show you this amazing new concept in archery targets.
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