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AMO draw length??

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I got the TAP program for Christmas and am trying to figure out how to use it. It asks for the amo draw length. I have heard on the Hoyt Tec risers the AMO DL was the length to the burger button, is this true? If not how do I measure it. I am shooting an '04 Ultra Tec, XT 3000, 65 lbs, 28.5" draw. Thanks!
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This is right off the "Hoyt" site.

"A method of measurement has been established to provide an industry standard of draw length and eliminate the variances in the original method caused by different thicknesses of bow risers. The ATA Standard Draw Length is arrived at by measuring the "Draw Length to Pivot Point" which is the distance from the string's nock point to the pivot point of the grip, and adding 1 and 3/4 inches. The 1 and 3/4 inches represents the average distance from the far side of the bow to the bow grips pivot point. Manufactures use this ATA Standard Draw Length when they designate the draw length of a bow"

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