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Announcing OPRS

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For more information, contact: Richard Lovaas (623) 203-6719

Announcing: Outdoor Products Research Services

Glendale, Arizona (November 28, 2005) – Richard Lovaas, along with his staff, is pleased to announce the kick-off of their organization known as Outdoor Product Research Services (OPRS).

OPRS is an independent product testing firm. They provide professional, detailed, and unbiased reports just like you typically would find in some of the well-known, national consumer testing services – except their services are exclusively for products associated with outdoor pastimes.

OPRS states “The products are tested in the field, and under the conditions for which they were designed to be used. Our reports are not sugar-coated and we have no ties to the Manufacturers. Our obligation is to the people destined to use these products; they deserve fair and accurate evaluations. On the other hand, we provide a valuable service to the Manufacturers. Feedback from experienced testers can boost market presence, demonstrate quality, or – in the case of negative test results – show where improvements are needed. It’s about time that sportsmen and women had a true and consistent benchmark to refer to when considering equipment purchases.”

Their premiere report was very well received, and the group immediately decided to launch a website, which is now up and running. The site can be viewed at

The Group is also unique in that they are a not-for-profit entity. The only costs to manufacturers for evaluations are the products themselves. Extra product will be donated to conservation groups for volunteer use, or fund-raising efforts such as raffles.

The Group’s reports and evaluations will be made available free of charge (in exchange for advertising) to all forms of outdoor media, including print, radio, web, and television. The Group is now welcoming evaluation enquiries from all Manufacturers of outdoor-related products.

For more information, contact: OPRS, 13269A Ute Ct, Glendale, AZ 85307;; (623) 203-6719
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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